How to Make a Foam Top Hat

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Top hats are simple to make out of foam. Create a tall, thin stovepipe top hat and pretend to be Abraham Lincoln or Uncle Sam for your next costume or Halloween party. You can purchase foam sheets at any craft store in many colours. Go with basic black for a classic top hat, or jazz it up a bit with a bright colour. Decorate your hat with markers, stickers or cut-out foam shapes.

Lay a sheet of foam on the table and draw a large circle on it. Measure the circumference of your head if you are planning to wear the hat.

Draw a circle on the foam; it should measure the same circumference as your head. Draw another circle around the first; be sure it is at least 4 inches wider around than the first.

Cut out both circles. You should now have a large ring; this is the brim of your hat.

Roll another piece of foam into a cylinder; the circumference should measure the same as the inner circle of the hat brim.

Glue the foam edges together and hold it until it is secure. Place another line of glue on the inside circle of the hat brim and place the cylinder on top, gluing the two pieces together.

Turn the hat upside down on another piece of foam and trace around the crown of the hat. Cut out the circle.

Place a line of glue along the top of the crown; put the piece you just cut on top. Allow everything to dry thoroughly before wearing.

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