Lily Pad Arts and Crafts

Written by stephanie kelley
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Lily Pad Arts and Crafts
Use lily pad arts and crafts to decorate a home. (John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Lily pads are the large circular leaves of the water lily plant (Nymphaea odorata). The leaves float on the water's surface, but are connected by underwater stalks to the bottom of the pond base where their roots grow from the pond floor. Use arts and crafts to enhance studies on pond habitat or just for fun or decoration.

Educational Crafts

Make lily pad arts and crafts to supplement a school lesson on pond life and lily pads. Turn a paper plate upside down. Cut a notch out of it so that it resembles a lily pad shape. Colour or paint the lily pad green. Make a pom frog to sit on top of the lily pad. Use a large pom for the body and attach two smaller pom poms to the front to serve as legs. Add googly eyes to finish the frog.

You can also make a pond diorama featuring lily pads. Paint a shoebox blue, including the inside and outside of the box and all surfaces of the lid. Cut lily pad shapes out of green construction paper and glue them to the top of the box lid. Cut out pond plant shapes and glue them to the bottom of the box. Cut fish shapes to glue to the sides of the box. Add small plastic frogs to the top to complete the diorama.

Useful Crafts

Make useful lily pad arts and crafts. Create place mats in the shape of a lily pad. First, cut a lily pad shape out of green scrapbook paper. You can use a paper with a pattern or plain green paper. Laminate the lily pad by sticking it between two pieces of contact paper.

You can also make lily pad beverage coasters to protect your furniture. Cut a lily pad shape out of green scrapbook paper (available at craft stores). Glue the lily pad to a plain kitchen tile with a glue stick. After the glue dries, cover the tile and paper with a glossy sealant. When it dries, glue a piece of green felt to the bottom of the coaster to keep it from scratching table surfaces.

Game Crafts

Use crafts for lily pad themed games. Play a game of "Musical Lily Pads." Cut lily pad shapes out of green shelf paper. Set the lily pads at various places on the floor. Play music and invite children to run and jump from pad to pad. Stop the music and whoever isn't on a pad is out of the game. Remove one pad after each round.

You can also create a matching game with a lily pad theme. Cut lily pads out of several different colours of paper and cut frogs from the same coloured paper. Give each player a frog. Hide the lily pads and ask players to find the lily pad that matches their frog colour.

Decorative Arts and Crafts

Consider making a notice board using lily pads. Make a blue paper background to represent water and cut green lily pads out of construction paper. Cut small frogs, flies and water lilies to embellish the notice board.

You can also decorate the room with a lily pad themed mobile. Cut lily pad and frog shapes out of cardboard. Paint the shapes green and punch holes in the tops. Add string and suspend the shapes by thread. Make a cross shape out of dowel sticks. Tie the other end of the thread to the dowel sticks. Hang the dowel sticks from the ceiling from a string to create a mobile.

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