Pinning Back Bangs Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Bangs are nice when you need them; however, not all hairstyles require them. When you are in the process of growing out your fringe, they can be difficult to style. They might be too long to wear as fringe, yet they don't like to stay in place when you push them back. No matter what your style dilemma, give your hairstyle a little more personality and detail by learning how to pin back your fringe.

Headbands or Hair Bands

Use headbands and hair bands to keep stubborn, thick fringe in place. This look will keep flyaway hairs out of your face and give you a more sophisticated hairstyle. You can wear your fringe flat or create height by pushing the fringe slightly forward with the headband. You can wear your hair straight or curled for two different hairstyles. Wear you hair straight for a quick hairstyle you can wear everyday. For a more formal look, curl the hair with hot rollers or a curling iron to give your hair more dimension and a fun twist.

Braiding Techniques

You can utilise different braiding techniques to give your hairstyle an extra style accent and take care of hard to manage fringe. One braiding technique you can use is taking all of the fringe and pulling them back. "Glamour" magazine suggests separating the fringe into three sections and braiding these sections. You can wear your braided fringe to the side or pull them back along with equal sections of hair on the right and left sides of your hair. You can choose to braid these additional sections of the hair or you can secure them with a dainty hair clip.

Hair Pins and Hair Clips

Add hairpins like hair clips and decorative hair clips to pull fringe back, while embellishing hair with added style. Take the small hair clips and separate the fringe in one-inch sections. Clip each section of the hair, including the fringe with a small decorative hair clip. This simple, yet incredibly detailed hairstyle takes an everyday hairdo and makes it more formal. To make this hairstyle more casual, use hairpins in place of decorative clips. Use hairspray as the finishing touch to hold fringe and your hairstyle in place.

Hair Style

To create added volume to fringe and to give your hairstyle an innovative style, use a large hot roller to curl fringe back, away from the face. You can also use the blow dryer and a curling brush on damp hair to achieve this look. "Seventeen" magazine suggests adding extra height to the fringe to create a pompadour style worn by Gwen Stefani. There are several ways you can achieve this look. One way is to allow the hot roller to set the curl on the fringe. Depending on the thickness of your hair, the curl alone may keep the fringe in place. However, if your hair is thicker, use styling products like hair gel and hairspay to provide extra hold for the fringe. If your fringe do not want to hold the curl, tease the fringe and then comb them back. Teasing the fringe gives them more volume and keeps them from falling flat. Finish the fringe with hairspray.

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