Nonverbal Signs a Man Is Interested

Updated March 18, 2017

When it comes to attraction, developing an understanding of how to read nonverbal signals is vital. In the early stages of attraction, both parties are not likely to want to divulge their true feelings, leaving the rest up to pure body language. If you want to determine whether a man is interested in you, it is important to look out for key nonverbal signs.


One very subtle indication that is a man is interested involves his feet. Look down at his feet, and if they are pointing straight at you, he is sending you a subconscious signal of interest. If he isn't interested in you, his feet will likely be pointing away from you.


Pay attention to the man's arms. If his arms are open, he is sending you a sign that he wants you to get closer to him physical. If his arms are crossed, on the other hand, it is an indication that a barrier is present between the two of you. If he makes motions with his palms open, it also can show that he is open to you.


One sure-fire sign of male attraction involves placing his hands on his hips as he stands. This stance implies confidence in his body and is intended to emphasise his physical stature. When a man does this, he is trying to show you his assets and accentuate his physicality.


Preening is another common nonverbal sign of attraction. If a man likes you, he wants to appear his best, physically. Look for signs that he's grooming himself for you, such as smoothing down his hair. Another telltale sign could be patting down his clothes and evening out creases in them.


When men are attracted to a woman, they tend to have nervous energy and excitement in abundance. One way that energy manifests itself is in the form of excessively touching his face, over and over. Some examples include rubbing his chin, stroking his cheek and touching his ears.


A common indication of attraction is excessive fidgeting due to nervousness. A couple of examples include playing with the buttons on his shirt and repeatedly picking up his drink and putting it down again. If a man keeps fiddling around with things when he's around you, it's probably because you're making him nervous and he wants to impress you.


When a man is intrigued by a woman, his eyebrows remain subtly raised as he speaks to her. If he has a fascinated, engaged and interested look on his face, combined with the raised eyebrows, he probably finds you mysterious, exciting and refreshing.

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