Signs That He's Jealous of Your Friends

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You've spent so much time with your boyfriend, but now you have certain uneasy feelings about him. He's always talking negatively about your friends. When your friends drop by, he disappears into another room. He makes snide comments when you talk to your friends on the phone.

If your senses tell you that he's jealous of your friends, watch for signs that you might be right.

Negative Talk

Whenever you talk about your friends, he constantly downgrades them. You tell him about your best girlfriend and her dating fiascoes, and he in turn tells you that he thinks she's promiscuous and has no hope of finding a real boyfriend. When you speak of your guy buddies and he always puts a negative spin on the topic, chances are he is secretly jealous of your relationship with them.

Giving Ultimatums

You've been friends with your best guy buddy for years, but your new boyfriend decides he doesn't like the idea and forbids you to see him. When he gives you the "pick me or him" ultimatum, chances are he's harbouring jealous feelings toward your friend.

Rude Behavior

You're out with your friends and your boyfriend. If he shows no interest in making a good impression, he might be slightly jealous of your friends and secretly hoping they go away by acting in an offensive manner. Your boyfriend understands that, because you spend a lot of time with him, if your friends don't like him they might stop hanging out with you.


He seems to get angry and rolls his eyes whenever you speak about your friends and instantly wants to change the subject. You casually mention your friends and their vacation, and he shrugs off the conversation and immediately changes the topic. If he gets angry or seems uncomfortable when you speak about your buddies, he might be jealous of your relationship with them.


He wants to know where you were and who you were with whenever you are not with him. He calls incessantly when you are hanging out with your friends and asks what time you will be home. If you feel as though you have to answer for everything you do --- especially when you're with friends --- then he might be jealous of them.

Past Friends

He doesn't like you having pictures or memorabilia of your past friends. He doesn't want to know about the concert you went to with your guy buddy or the club you used to frequent on Thursday nights with your best gal pal. If he refuses any conversation having to do with past friends, he could be jealous of your previous relationships with them.