How to Make a Libra Male Commit

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Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to know what the person you care about is thinking, especially how he feels about you. Although astrology is not an official science, many people swear by it to help them figure out more about their partners. If you are trying to figure out if the person you are with is serious about you and wants to commit, check out his love horoscope to see what it says. If your special guy is a Libra, astrology says Libras are slow to commit, but when they do commit, they take it very seriously, so be patient.

Give him lots of attention. A Libra guy loves to feel like he is very important to you and that you admire him. Acknowledge the good things he does often, and support him in his endeavours. Make sure you are sincere, however, as your Libra guy can tell if you are being insincere.

Keep your looks up. Libra men love beautiful things, including beautiful women. Keep his eyes from wandering to the next beautiful thing by keeping up your own appearance to remind him of what he already has.

Impress him with your class and charm. Libra men love classy women, so don't wear outfits that are too skimpy unless they are just for him in the bedroom. Be polite and charming with his friends.

Be trustworthy. Don't spread his personal business around. Be there for him when he needs you to be. These things will help build trust between you, and once you have his trust, you will have him hooked.

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