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Signs That a Guy You Barely Know Is Interested in You

Updated March 22, 2017

You have met him a couple of times and he seems nice enough, but you are unsure of his angle. Is he into you? Is he just shy? Does he just want to be friends? Quit the questions, and pay attention to what he is saying without using any words. Many guys have telltale signs that they are interested in getting to know a woman better.

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He Gets to Know Your Friends

Many guys will pal up to a crush's best friends in hopes of getting to know her better. Best friends are also influential in helping women decide whether to give a guy a chance. The guy is likely to laugh at some of the embarrassing stories that are sure to come out, but relax. Many of these girls' night tales of yesterday show that you like to let loose and have some fun. The guy can also get to know your hobbies, likes and dislikes and what you look for in a date.

He Talks Through His Body Language

If a guy likes you, he will more than likely show it in the way he presents himself around you. Analyse his body language. He will rarely turn his back toward you, lean toward you when you are talking, and also look at you often. Eye contact is another sign. If this guy is into you, he will likely look away quickly because he is shy or he will catch your gaze and hold onto it. Another great example is if he tells a joke and everyone around the table is laughing, he will look at you to see if you are laughing, too.

He Is Nervous

Because rejection is always a dating certainty, a guy you barely know is likely to be nervous around you. Everyone handles this type of anxiety in a different way. A guy may overcompensate his nerves by talking about himself, his work, his cat at home, and everything in between. He wants you to know who he is, and he seeks your opinion. Nerves can also be shown physically. Sweaty palms, nervous laughter, deep breaths and obvious fidgeting are all signs that your guy is nervous to be around you.

He Offers to Do Favors for You

When a man is interested in dating a woman, he wants to let it be known but he may not know how to express himself. Some men make up for this by making the woman the centre of his focus. He compliments you on your new outfit or new purse. The guy may also offer to do some home repairs for you.This behaviour shows that he wants you to be taken care of. He wants you to feel special because he views you as special.

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