How to Tell If a Shy Guy Is Interested in You

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Dating can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but when the object of your affection is shy, it can make the situation much more complicated. It is even harder when the shy person is a male, because men are culturally encouraged to make the "first move.

" Even shy men share their feelings, though, in many subtle ways, but when in doubt, you can always ask directly.

Understand shyness. Being shy is not inherently wrong, according to an article on by Bernardo Carducci. Whereas in the past shyness was often treated with antidepressants, Carducci believes that shyness can be partially overcome simply by understanding social situations better. Because shy people just want to feel at ease, make the man you like feel comfortable by asking him questions and laughing when he says something funny. The more natural and relaxed he feels, the more he will be able to express his feelings toward you.

Read his body language. Body language is a huge indicator of how someone feels, often without the person realising it. According to, magazine, indicators that a man likes you but is feeling shy include standing or sitting with his toes together and displaying a closed-lip smile that only shows on the edges of his mouth. Running his hands through his hair could also indicate that he is nervous about appearance, according to

Make eye contact. Eye contact is the easiest way to see if someone likes you. If you see him looking at you across the room, there is a strong possibility that he would like to get to know you better. According to, if a guy tilts his head when he looks at you, this is even more of an indicator that he would like to talk to you.

Ask him outright. If you still can't determine whether he likes you, or you want to let him know that you like him too, the simplest way is to talk to him about it. Many shy guys would love to not have to make the first move and will appreciate a woman being honest about her feelings.