Signs that a girl is attracted to you

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With such wildly varying communication styles, it's not surprising that it's often hard for men to tell when a girl is attracted to them. Men are often left wondering whether she's noticed them at all. Avoid this uncertainty -- eliminate the guesswork and find out for sure whether a girl is attracted to you.

Body Language

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Watch the way she moves to decode her true feelings. If she angles her body in your direction or crosses her legs toward you, she may feel an attraction. The same is true if she touches her hair or neck or tilts her head while talking to you -- the latter indicates she's subconsciously preparing for a kiss. A girl who is attracted to you will also find a way to touch you, even if it's just a light touch on the arm for emphasis while speaking.


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Watch closely -- a girl who's attracted to you will often hang on your every word, listening carefully for clues on how to win your affection. She'll also likely laugh at your jokes, even if they aren't that funny. She'll keep a friendly smile on her face for you. You can also expect her to make contact with you frequently just to say hello and let you know you're on her mind. She may also include you in group outings, even if you don't know anyone else in the group, in order to get closer to you.


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A girl who is attracted to you will look for opportunities to talk to you, and when she does, you may do most of the talking. She'll ask questions that require a long answer to get to know you better. You'll notice she listens attentively and may mention what you say at a later date to show she remembered. If you ask her a question, she's likely to give you a long answer to provide you with more information about her. If she is bold enough to flirt a little with you, it's very likely that she is attracted to you.

Other Signs

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When a girl is attracted to you, she may do things she's not even aware of. For example, her pupils may dilate upon seeing you, or she may blush when you first make eye contact. You may catch her giving you a "dreamy" look or smiling to herself when you aren't looking. When you first approach her, she may do a double-take, once to see that it's you and twice in pleasure and anticipation. She may also unconsciously adjust her posture, sitting up straighter and holding in her stomach to appear more attractive.

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