How to find out if someone shy likes you

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Some people are naturally shy, especially when it comes to confessing romantic feelings toward their crushes. For many, the fear of rejection can cause them to keep feelings to themselves, but they will drop little clues in hopes that others pick up on the subtlety.

If you have a sense that someone shy likes you, do not confront the person directly and make her uncomfortable. Rather, look for the signs that the person is into you.

Watch the person's body language. You often can tell how a person feels based on how she stands, her posture and what she does with her hands and feet. If you are around the person, and she becomes fidgety, it's possible she is nervous or self-conscious, which is a sign that she likes you. If she touches her face, fixes or flips her hair or improves her posture whenever you are around, you can bet that she is interested.

Spend time with the person. Come up with reasons the two of you should hang out, such as to study together or work on a project. Evaluate the shy person's behaviours while you are together. If she likes you, she will smile, laugh and make eye contact. Keep in mind that shy people do not always open up and share things about themselves right away. So, if you find you are doing all the talking, that is OK. Gauge her responses to your stories. If she sends you positive cues, then you are off to a good start.

Notice the small things. If the person is shy, he might let you know that he is interested from afar. For instance, if he remembers that you forgot to bring a pen to class yesterday, he might put a pen on your desk for your next class. Small, thoughtful gestures are signals that he likes you.

Monitor her appearance. If the shy girl starts to wear perfume and make-up and dresses up more than normal whenever you are going to be around her, it's a sign that she wants to impress you.

Catch his gaze. If you notice that he glances over at you, he is most likely admiring you from afar. Gaze back at him to let him know you are interested in him, as well.

See if she blushes. Give her a compliment or playfully touch her, and monitor her reaction. If she blushes and starts stammering, then it means that your compliment or touch meant a lot to her, which means she likes you.