Signs that a Man Has a Crush on You

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Women often misread a man's affections toward them, leading to complete inaction on the female's part and resulting in unnecessary anxiety and frustration. Men and women mistake social signals toward one another due to differences in the way that each gender communicates. Rather than wonder endlessly about what your male friend thinks of you, learn to read between the lines so that you can strike up a relationship with confidence or focus your efforts elsewhere.

Non-verbal signals

The most immediate signs of affection portrayed by a man are evident in his body language and physical gestures. Eye contact from across a room that lasts for longer than one second is a sure-fire way to tell that a man has a crush on you. If you initiate eye contact with a man and he glances back at you a second time, his interest in you is high. If a man interacts with you with an open posture and arms relaxed, he is comfortable around you and would like to get to know you on a deeper level. If he draws particularly close to you or lightly touches you on the shoulder from time to time, he is deeply physically attracted to you.

Word of Mouth

If the opportunity arises for you to meet a man's friends and family, pay attention to their reactions. A man who has a crush on you will converse about you in a positive manner when you are not around. If a friend of his makes a comment upon meeting you such as, "So you're the girl I have been hearing so much about," he is definitely pursuing more than friendship with you. It is a huge plus if he invites you to meet his friends and family, as these are steps toward a commitment. Another sign that a man has a crush on you is if he talks about you to your friends. If you leave the room during a social gathering with your friends and he asks them questions about you or pays you compliments behind your back, he knows that the information will get back to you and has a deep desire for you to recognise his strong feelings of attraction toward you.

Paying Attention

During conversation, is the man you like nodding in affirmation, smiling and agreeing with you? In addition to adequate eye contact, actively engaging in conversation signifies a deeper interest than if he were merely talking to a friend or acquaintance. His interest level is also shown by asking personal questions centred on your likes and dislikes, then making a point to remember your answers later. If he performs considerate actions, such as opening the door for you or taking your hand to help you down the steps, he is attempting to make you feel comfortable and happy around him. Performing one or more of these considerate actions signifies that a man has genuine feelings for you.

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