How to Stop Being Nervous Around the Guy You Like

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If you've ever been nervous around a guy you like, you've probably had sweaty palms, a racing heart and flushed cheeks. While it may be hard to know how to act around a guy, learning confidence can increase the chances that he'll become interested in you. What you may not realise is -- he may be just as nervous as you are! There are several strategies to combat nervousness and attract the guy of your dreams.

Realise that you're not the only one who has ever been nervous around a guy. Being nervous around new people -- especially a potential love interest -- is perfectly normal. Some girls have to be around a guy a few times before they can relax. Don't be hard on yourself if your first conversation with him isn't as great as you had hoped it would be.

Look your best when you talk to him. Wear a nice dress, or dress slacks with a pretty blouse. Curl your hair, add blush to your cheeks and put on mascara to bring out your eyes. When you take the time to put yourself together, you may feel more confident around him. In addition, if you're uncomfortable about a certain feature, take the steps to change it.

Prepare yourself before you see him. Practice what you're going to say to him in front of a mirror and give yourself pep talks before your interaction with him. Take a deep breath and drink a glass of water before leaving the house.

Discover his interests from a friend, or your own observations. Start a conversation by mentioning one of his interests. For example, if he enjoys movies, talk to him about a recent movie you saw. When you're talking about a familiar subject, you may forget to be nervous. Don't lie about being interested in something just to impress him, however, because dishonesty is never a good start to a relationship.

Smile. Even if you're shy at first, a warm smile can show him that you're a fun person and are glad to be around him. Give him a compliment or two as well. Tell him that his shirt brings out his eyes, or that his cologne smells nice.

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