Pulse and physiological signs of attraction

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Physiological signs that convey attraction are not foolproof, but they are good indicators. Physiological signs can be both voluntary or involuntary. They can also be voluntary reactions which someone performs absentmindedly. Pay attention on your next date with a potential partner.

Most people exhibit tell tale signs of attraction without intending to do so.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is an action that shows you are giving your undivided attention. Eye contact that is held longer than necessary can be a physiological sign of attraction. Sometimes when people are attracted to one another, they hold eye contact after both of them have ceased speaking. This held gaze or stare can indicate attraction for at least one member of the couple. People that are truly attracted to you may subtly scan your entire face as opposed to just looking at your eyes.


When people become excited their pulse naturally begins to speed up. This often happens when someone first catches sight of the person they are attracted to. You may also notice slight or even significant perspiration on those who you suspect are attracted to you. Physiological signs of attraction such as sweating or nervous action such as fidgeting can indicate a nervousness in someone which is sometimes a sign of attraction.


Frequent grooming is a true indicator that someone is attracted to you. When people are initially attracted to one another, they may become overly conscious about presenting themselves well. You may find that your date adjusts his clothing or runs his fingers through his hair frequently to make sure that all is in place. Grooming tends to happen more frequently when someone is in the presence of an individual that they are attracted to.

Body Language

People who are attracted to one another may find that they cannot stop smiling. This is a physiological sign that the two are genuinely happy to be together and enjoy each others' company. Lasting smiles coupled with intense eye contact is one of the most obvious signs of attraction. Someone who is attracted to you may lean in closer to you if you are sitting at a table. She will likely be sitting or standing with her torso and feet pointed toward you. This behaviour shows an openness to you.