Wine Charm Card Ideas

Written by jennifer haase | 13/05/2017
Wine Charm Card Ideas
You can design wine charm cards with simple art materials. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Wine charms are a decorative way to keep track of your wine glass at a party, as the charm loop is attached to a wine glass stem. Wine charm cards are used for displaying a selection of wine charms, either for sale or as gifts. For wine charm card ideas, start with a basic card design and get creative with basic art supplies or custom print design.


If you have skill with calligraphy, make wine charm cards with pretty calligraphy labels. Collect a pair of scissors, cardstock pieces, a paper punch, calligraphy pens and ink. Find these items at an art supply store, if you don't have them on hand. Cut cardstock pieces into rectangle shapes the size you prefer, big enough to hold at least four wine charms. Punch holes along the bottom of the cards for attaching the charms. Label the cards with calligraphy pens.

Rubber Stamps

Decorate your wine charm cards with rubber stamp designs. Choose rubber stamps with themes that complement your wine charms, gift recipients or your marketing goals. Find rubber stamps and ink pads at a craft store. Stamp your pre-cut and hole-punched cards with images of grapes, wine glasses or a vineyard, for a wine theme. For gifts, personalise the cards by using letter stamp images as monograms. Add labels to the cards with calligraphy or pretty handwriting.

Fun Shapes

Wine charm cards don't have to be in rectangle shapes. Cut cardstock pieces into shapes appropriate for their purpose or theme. Display Christmas-themed charms on Christmas tree-shaped cards and attach the wine charms like ornaments. Use red cardstock paper and cut apple shapes for fruit-themed cards or to give as gifts for teachers. Wine charm cards in the shape of wine bottles would be appropriate for any use and occasion.

Custom Printing

Some companies offer custom printing on wine charm cards. Art Fire website offers a package of 100 wine charm cards custom printed with your logo. These cards come with the option of six or eight holes pre-punched.

For wine charm cards that advertise your business, take the business cards you've already had printed and punch holes along the bottom. Your business card might hold fewer charms, but it gives you a creative excuse to include your contact information with this gift.

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