How to Open an XFD File

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Computer document files that end in the ".xfd" suffix can be either an "Extensible Forms Description Language" or "XFDL" IBM Lotus form files, or Jetform "Form Flow 99" "XFD" files, both of which are proprietary formats that require special viewing programs. Fortunately the programs required to view these file formats are still available via free download. View XFD formatted files using the IBM Lotus Forms Viewer or Adobe Reader programs on your Windows PC.

Click the "Start" button on the Windows 7 taskbar and click "Programs" and then click the IBM Lotus Forms Viewer program icon.

Click the "File" menu item near the top of the "Forms Viewer" window and click "Open" in the menu that appears.

Navigate to a file with the ".xfd" extension that you wish to open. Click once on the file and press the "Enter" key. The Forms Viewer application will present the ".xdf" file for viewing.

Click the "Start" button on the Windows 7 computer desktop and click "Programs" and then click the "Adobe Acrobat Reader" icon.

Click "File" in the "Adobe Acrobat Reader" window that appears and then click "Open." Navigate to the ".xdf" file you wish to open and click once on the file.

Click the "Open" button and the contents of the file will display in the "Adobe Acrobat Reader" window.

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