What Is HP Disk Sanitzer?

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Many files on your computer may appear to be deleted but can actually be recovered from the hard drive, thus posing a security risk. The HP Disk Sanitizer is a tool from Hewlett Packard that permanently destroys sensitive data.


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The HP Disk Sanitizer is an application that erases all data on a hard drive. It works like an electronic paper shredder, so that deleted information on the computer cannot be retrieved through hacking or data recovery.


The Disk Sanitizer can run from either a bootable CD or a USB drive and uses a U.S. Department of Defense algorithm to erase specified data permanently from a computer. While it often is used on individual computers, Disk Sanitizer can run on a network, so companies with HP computers can safely delete files and protect sensitive data.


The HP Disk Sanitizer works with Microsoft Windows XP and newer Windows operating systems, and it will only run on HP Compaq business desktops produced in 2005 or later. The Disk Sanitizer is available free for download at the Hewlett Packard website.

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