How to Connect My Laptop to My Phone to Use My Wireless Internet

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Connecting your laptop to your cell phone’s wireless Internet can provide great convenience while travelling. Using your cell phone as a modem can also come in handy in the event of an emergency.

Signing up with phone-as-modem service with your wireless carrier allows your laptop either Bluetooth or USB connectivity to the Internet from anywhere your cell phone receives service. Establishing the connection only takes a few moments.

Subscribe to a phone-as-modem wireless Internet plan with your cell phone’s service provider.

Install any set-up programs and drivers that may come with your phone-as-modem wireless Internet welcome package.

Establish a connection between your cell phone and laptop using a Bluetooth connectivity application on either device if the phone-as-modem application supports this type of connection. Otherwise, skip this step.

Insert the mini-USB end of your mini-USB-to-USB connector cable into the cell phone’s mini-USB port. Skip steps 4 and 5 if you pair the phone-as-modem-enabled device with your laptop using Bluetooth connectivity.

Insert the USB end of your mini-USB-to-USB connector cable into the laptop’s USB port.

Run the phone-as-modem connectivity application installed on your laptop. Enter any necessary login information.