How to Send Text From a Computer to a Virgin Mobile Phone

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Sending a text message from a computer to a Virgin Mobile phone makes it easy to get in touch with contacts who use Virgin Mobile if you do not have a text-capable cell phone of your own.

Sending texts from a computer is also easier if you prefer typing your messages on a computer keyboard, or if you would rather use e-mail software or a web-based e-mail service to send messages. Thankfully, Virgin Mobile provides all users a mobile e-mail address that allows text messages to be received.

Open your e-mail account. If you use an e-mail client like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, open the software. If you use a web-based e-mail account, log in to your e-mail service's website.

Start a new message. In the To field, address the email to For example, if you wanted to send a text from a computer to a Virgin Mobile phone with the number (555) 555-5555, you would type "" in the "To" field.

Compose your message. Type your text message. Remember that text messages are limited to 160 characters; anything beyond 160 characters will be split into multiple messages.

Send your message. Once your message is complete, click Send on the email message. Your e-mail will be routed as a text message to the Virgin Mobile user.

Launch AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Open the AIM client on your computer and log in using your AIM ID and password.

Start a new instant message. Click on the People menu and select Send an Instant Message.

Address the AIM message. In the To field in the message, input the Virgin Mobile phone number, preceded by the country code. For example, to send a text message to (555) 555-5555, enter "+15555555555" in the "To" field.

Compose your message. Remember that text messages are limited to 160 characters.

Click Send. Once you compose the message, click send. AIM will send the message directly to the Virgin Mobile cell phone user.