Potted Plant Wedding Centerpieces

Updated April 27, 2018

Potted plants can suit any type of wedding reception, from a casual backyard party to a formal ballroom reception. Plants add life and nature to your decor, and they're also easy on your wedding budget. To make your centrepieces double as favours, make one small pot for each guest and cluster them together in the centre of each table.


The container you use can make your centrepiece look fitting in any type of reception. For a more casual reception, use wooden or tin buckets. For more formal receptions, use white ceramic pots. You can also search antique shops to find mismatched pots, which will add some character to your reception. To personalise your pots, paint terracotta planters. Use sponge paintbrushes to coat the pots with acrylic paint. Paint the inside of the pot rims as well. Use one solid colour or decorate the pots with stripes.


Choose plants that match the season. For instance, daisies look fitting in spring while yellow marigolds look more fitting in fall. Tall flowers such as hyacinths show off your pots more and create more of a statement, while shorter plants allow everyone to see one another across the table. For a glamorous and dramatic look, place one orchid plant at each table. As an alternative to flowers, use sweet-smelling herbs such as lemon verbena for your centrepieces.


If you're buying the plants from a garden store, place your order at least one month in advance to ensure that there will be enough plants ready in time. If you're growing your own plants, grow 1 1/2 or twice as many as you'll need so you'll be able to choose the best ones. Move the plants into your prepared pots a day or two before the ceremony. Water them one final time the morning of the ceremony.

Table Decor

Since the pots and flowers are colourful, use lighter tablecloths to allow the plants to be the star. Keep the table arrangements simple. Arrange some pieces of fruit around the plants such as shiny apples or bunches of grapes. Draw leaves and vines on the table number cards. Set them on the table or tuck the cards into the leaves of the plant. If you're throwing a romantic evening wedding, coil twinkle lights around the base of the pots. The light will create leaf shadows on the tablecloth.

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