Wedding Pew Decoration Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorating your wedding ceremony site is an important part of making your special day exactly as you have envisioned it. No detail should be left out, including wedding pew decorations, if your ceremony is being held at a church with pews for seating. While some modern churches opt for chairs instead of pews, many older and more traditional churches are fitted with wooden pews that can be decorated to complement your wedding theme.

Pew Clips

Frame your wedding photos, particularly the shots of the bride approaching her groom and the newly married couple leaving the ceremony site, with fresh flowers on the centre-facing ends of either every pew or the first 10 rows. Pew clips are subtle, simple plastic devices that allow you to place stems of fresh flowers into them so that the flowers appear to be taped to the pew ends. Pew clips remove the need for bows or other fastener devices to hold flowers in place.

Pew Markers

If you want a more substantial decoration at the end of your pews, consider a clay pot as a pew marker. Fill the pot with roses in colours that complement your wedding theme and ivy that trails out of the pot and down the pew end in an inviting manner. Hold the pot to the pew with a larger, Lomey pew clip. The pot will mask the clip so that all guests notice is the rustic-looking classic flower pots.

Heart-shaped Decorations

Use fresh or silk flowers and a mini-heart-shaped wire frame to create heart-shaped decorations on the end of your pews. The hearts can be whatever colour you like and should complement your existing wedding theme. Choose small roses or azaleas or other flowers with small, compact blooms that can be placed together in a tight fashion to give the appearance of a full and luscious heart. Disguise the pew clip holding the heart to the pew with a few spiralled organza ribbons in complementary colours.

Pew Bows

Use large silk or organza ribbon to form a large bow that you can attach to a wire frame. Complement the bow with flowers that fit your wedding theme. Use flowers, either fresh or silk, that have large blooms and pair them with small-blooming flowers. For example, you can use a hydrangea bloom as your main flower for each pew decoration. Place it above a ribbon bow and add three stems of secondary, smaller flowers like freesia. Finish off the decoration with leaves from grape clusters or another greenery that is pleasing to you. Use hot glue guns to connect all pieces to the wire frame and hang each decoration over the end of your centre-aisle facing pews.

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