Child Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Updated February 21, 2017

Children's hair is generally easier to manage in simple cuts and styles. For a wedding, a young bridesmaid has many options. Whether her hair is short or long, curly or straight, there's a way to make her look formal and even more beautiful, yet still childlike. Most young girls have soft, fine hair, allowing for practical cuts and styles that have them match the rest of the wedding party. It's best to practice beforehand to understand how their hair reacts to certain styles.

Clips and Headbands

The easiest way to keep a young girl's hair in check is to use clips or a headband. This can work for any type of hair. Headbands prevent flyaway strands from getting in her eyes, as well as add definition to the back. You can decorate clips and headbands to match the wedding colours or use a neutral colour. Leave the rest of the hair down or pinned up, curled or straightened. Clip fringe up or to one side and short hair can look more formal.


Curls are the easiest way to turn standard straight hair into a formal do. A few simple, soft curls work best for most girls. The hair can be left down, pinned halfway up or piled on top of the head.


Braids are great for longer hair. They keep hair off the face, which is important for someone in a wedding. Flowers, jewels or clips can be worked inside the braid to add elegance. Double braids can also be done, which consists of two braids on either side of the head. The remaining hair should be pinned up in a loose or tight bun. There are several different styles of braids -- such as fishtail, French and Grecian -- which child bridesmaids can wear tightly or loosely for different looks.


Ponytails may seem too simple and informal, but you can transform them into something beautiful. For example, if a girl has naturally curly hair you can tame it with a ponytail and some hairspray. This also works for straight or wavy hair. You can curl the bridesmaid's hair, then drawn it up into a ponytail or just put it up in a ponytail using a pretty barrette or tie. You can even add a small tiara or rhinestone clips to make it look lovely and sparkly.


Buns work well with tiaras. Best for straight hair, buns keep hair up with elegant simplicity. Loosely pull hair to the top of the head to create a bun. You can also braid it in a circle or pull it tight and spray it to the top of the head. Place flowers, jewels or other decorations around the base of the bun.

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