Children's bridesmaid hairstyles

Updated April 17, 2017

Being chosen to play a central role in a wedding party is both an honour and a cause of great excitement for a young girl. On the special day she knows all eyes will be on the bridal party, and it is important she feels confident knowing she looks her best. A beautiful hairstyle will complement her dress, and flowers and should be chosen carefully to suit her hair type.

Short Hair

Short hair needs to be neatly trimmed and freshly washed. Styling options are more limited; experiment with placing a part to one side, or parting the fringe to style hair differently from its everyday look. Tuck hair neatly behind the ears and hold it in place with decorative hair clips. Use gel for a smooth, sleek finish. Accessories play a greater role in creating a special look when there is less hair to work with, but don't overdo them; keep the overall style simple and sweet.

Medium-Length Hair

Choose a style that accentuates the hair type. Use a large-barrelled curling iron or medium-sized heated rollers to tame wavy or curly hair and produce soft tumbling curls. Wear curled hair half-up, fixing it in place with a barrette or bow. Left down, let ringlets frame the face, dressing the hair with a flower garland or tiara. Tidy straight hair with a straightening iron to leave it smooth and shiny. Pin it back at the sides so it does not cover the face.

Long Hair

Straighten or curl long hair, pin it back from the face and leave it to swing freely down the back. Alternatively, put it up in a bun, or braid it. French braids can be dressed with crystals, ribbons or decorative hair clips. Any up-do needs to be held in place securely so the bridesmaid is confident it will not come loose.


Floral accessories are used to complement the bride's bouquet. Place a single flower behind the ear, or add a floral garland or headband. Decorate barrettes and slides with flowers or bows. Large bows hold half-up styles in place beautifully. Jewelled tiaras are useful for holding hair back from the face and soften the look of up-dos like buns and french pleats. Finish all styles with fine hairspray to hold the hair in place and keep it looking beautiful throughout the day.

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