Red, Black & White Wedding Table Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding the colour scheme for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions a bride-to-be can make. If you want your wedding to have a classic elegance, opt for black. And if you want your guests to talk about your wedding a year later, pair this bold colour with red and white. Since these colours are so strong, you don't need much table decoration to make a statement.

Table Linen

Depending on the look you want to create, there are a few ways to dress up your tables. Black linen draped across the tables creates an elegant backdrop for a red or white satin runner. Or reverse the colours, and use red tablecloths with black and white runners. Runners can be a solid colour, two-toned, or have a pattern. Or if you want more contrast, use a small white or red satin or tulle tablecloth on top of a long black tablecloth. A patterned black and white tablecloth on top of a red tablecloth also looks gorgeous.

Mirror Centerpiece

Mirrors set against a black tablecloth create a stunning centrepiece. Place white gel beads in a container such as an ivy bowl or a hurricane vase. Sprinkle red rose petals inside of the containers and on the mirror. Enhance this look by surrounding the container with white or black tea candles. Or use a grouping of white pillar candles on the mirror. Tie a black ribbon around the top, bottom or centre of each candle. Strands of white pearls draping around the candles enhance this look.

Shimmering Tree Centerpiece

An inexpensive idea for a table centrepiece requires a few cans of spray paint and a stroll through the backyard. Gather long twigs and wash the debris off them. Spray them with silver spray paint. Sprinkle silver glitter on the paint while it's wet. Place the twigs in a long vase. Highlight the shimmery twig with a strand of lights or hang red metallic ornaments on it. A silver shimmering centrepiece looks stunning against a black or red tablecloth.

Feather Bouquets

If you are wondering how to put a twist on your typical red rose centrepiece, use white and black feathers. A ring of white or black feathers around the bouquet makes for an unusual and romantic centrepiece. Place your feathery bouquet in a sleek black vase. For more drama, ask your florist to dye the tips of the red roses with black dye. Or place long white feathers in a black vase.

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