Cute Ponytails to Cover the Ears

Updated April 17, 2017

A quick lesson in ponytails will cure any anxieties you might have regarding your ear size or the way they stick out. A ponytail is simple, chic hairstyle that can be dressed up or down with an outfit or accessories. You will need a brush, hair ties and a mirror to complete any of these styles in less than five minutes.

Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is a versatile look, appropriate for a night out or for a professional occasion. Gather all of your hair to the back of your head at the nape of your neck. Brush your hair as you gather it, pushing the hair down over the ears to cover them. The ponytail should sit lower than the ears. Secure the hair into a ponytail with a hair tie.

Two Ponytails

Style two low ponytails for a casual look. Start by parting and separating your hair down the middle. Clip back one side section of hair while you work on the other side. Gather the other side into a low ponytail covering your ear. Secure that section of hair with a hair tie just below the ear lobe to fully conceal and pin back the ear. Repeat on the other side. Wear the ponytails in front or over your shoulders.

Side Ponytail

A low side ponytail can be dressed up or down with a barrette or other embellishment. Start with gathering the hair all to one side. Brush the hair over the ear opposite the ponytail for coverage. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie beneath the ear lobe.

Ponytail Accessories

Side, two or low ponytails will cover the ears as long as the hair is gathered around the nape of the neck and brushed over the ears. If your hair is on the thinner side or too short to gather in a full ponytail, use accessories like headbands or barrettes to cover the ears. To use a headband as a cover, pull the headband over your ears and style accordingly. To use a barrette, pull the hair back over your ears and secure the hair with the barrette just behind the ear.

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