Water lilies preschool crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Impressionist artist Claude Monet was fascinated by water lilies. These plants fill ponds with vibrant, colourful flowers and green lily pads that resemble hearts. Because of their beauty, they are a popular flower to artistically create. Even preschoolers enjoy making their own water lilies during arts and crafts projects.

Paper Lilies

Cut out a large green lily pad from construction paper. Create triangular outer petals around three pre-cut white construction paper circles with diameters of 6, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 inches. Fold the petals upward and glue the circles' centres together. Place a yellow yarn pom-pom in the centre and attach the flower to the pad.

Tissue Paper Lilies

Glue together three slightly overlapping lily pads cut from green foam paper. Hand-cut three purple tissue paper circles of decreasing size and glue them together by size in the centre. Crumble the circles' sides upward and make several cuts for petals. Paint a tiny styrofoam ball for the centre yellow and fill it with cut yellow pipe cleaner strips. Glue the flower to the lily pads.

Aluminium Foil Lilies

Paint blue modelling clay spread across the bottom of a shoebox lid to resemble water. Place green clay shaped into a lily pad on top. Mold three pieces of aluminium foil into "bowls" placed inside each other. Make several cuts around each "bowl," and fold some petals outward. Paint the flower pink, and glue on a centre yellow yarn pom-pom. Accompany the flower and lily pad with a handcrafted frog.

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