How to Draw a Cute Emo Couple Step-by-Step

Updated July 20, 2017

Men and women who label themselves as emo tend to belong to the emo subculture, heavily influenced by emo --- emotional hardcore --- music and fashion such as slim-fit trousers, tight T-shirts, belt buckles, geeky glasses and tattoos. There are also very specific emo hairstyles, ranging from spiky to long and straight with side-swept fringe covering the eyes. As you begin to draw your cute emo couple, consider the variety of emo music and personal style and how you want to incorporate them in your drawing.

Sketch out the human form for both the man and woman, making them both a bit thin with oval shaped heads. Position them standing close with their arms around each others backs.

Add details to the heads and faces. Start with the man and draw a long, angled bang that covers one eye. Sketch in the back of his hair in some short spikes. For the woman, you can either replicate the man's hairstyle, or draw long, straight hair with a jagged edge on the bottom, which would be a razor-style haircut. Draw a thick, black pair of glasses on either the man or the woman, or on both.

Sketch in the eyes as ovals with round circles, the irises and pupils, and add eyebrows and spiky eyelashes to the woman. Draw triangular upturned or rounded noses, and draw the couple smiling.

Finish drawing the faces by adding any facial piercings you'd like your emo couple to have, such as a lip ring or s nose ring. A lip ring would look like a dot under the middle of the bottom lip or like a rounded line --- the ring --- from the bottom of the bottom lip to the top of the bottom lip. A nose ring would look like a little dot on the nostril or a ring coming out of the nostril and onto the skin.

Draw clothing on the bodies. Draw a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up on the man, and include tight jeans and high-top sneakers. For the woman, put her in a similar outfit with tight jeans, sneakers and a tight-fitting T-shirt.

Add any final details once the body, face, hair and clothing have been drawn in. Tattoos and other jewellery accessories --- necklaces, big belt buckles, bracelets and rings --- will round out the look.


Sketch out your emo couple in pencil first, then go back over it with black ink.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Black Pen
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