How to Tie a Cravat in a Bow

Updated November 21, 2016

The cravat is a colourful silk kerchief worn about the neck; it first appeared during the 17th century in Croatia. Modern bow ties and neck ties stem from the cravat. There are many different methods of tying a cravat and each can be appropriate based on the occasion and your personal style. Tying a cravat into a bow is a technique that originated during the Victorian era. The cravat is looped around the neck either a single time or multiple times before being fashioned in a bow.

Button closed the top button of your button-up shirt and flip the collar into an upright position. Hold the cravat in front of you, with the centre of the cravat between your hands.

Wrap the cravat around the front of your shirt just below the collar. Position the centre point of the cravat over the top button. Cross the two sides of the cravat at the back of your neck and bring the ends back around to the front. Check that both sides are the same length.

Cross the right side of the cravat over the left side near the top. Bring the right side around the back of the left side and push it up through the loop. Pull the right side completely through the loop and bring it downward so that it becomes the left side of the cravat.

Form a loop in the right side length of the cravat by folding it back on itself. Bring the left side length of the cravat up over the centre of the loop and wrap it over and behind the loop so it is hanging straight below it.

Double the left side back on itself to form a loop and tuck it behind the loop over the centre of the bow. Pull gently on each side of the bow to tighten the knot. Fan out each side loop of the bow to widen it.

Things You'll Need

  • Button-up shirt
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