How to Convert CDI to ISO

Updated March 23, 2017

CDI, or CD-i, is similar to a regular CD; however, it can store video, graphics and computer data. In addition, the defunct Philips CD-i gaming console used the CD-i format for its games. You can convert CDI to ISO with an ISO creator. The ISO disc image is a popular disc image used online. The ISO contains replicated data from a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, VCD or other disc formats. You can play ISOs on your computer with disc-imaging software such as MagicISO, AnyToISO Converter and UltraISO.

Download, install and start AnyToISO Converter.

Click "Open Image" next to "Source image file" to add the CDI file from your PC.

Click "Convert" to convert CDI to ISO.

Click "Exit" when the conversion is complete. The ISO file is in the AnyToISO Converter folder.

Download, install and start UltraISO.

Click "File" and then click "Open" to load a CDI from your PC.

Click "Tools" and then click "Make CD/DVD Image." A window appears. Select your CD drive from the "CD Drive" drop-down menu. Select "ISO" in the "Output Format" section.

Click "Make" to convert CDI to ISO.

Click "File" and then click "New" on MagicISO.

Click the "white sheet" button on MagicISO toolbar to add your CDI file.

Click the "folder" button to create a folder for the ISO file.

Click the "checkmark" button to edit the ISO, e.g., naming the ISO file.

Click "Save" to save the ISO.


It may take a few minutes or several hours to create an ISO file.

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