How to Know When a Guy Starts Caring Back

Updated November 21, 2016

You want to know when the guy you really like starts to feel the same way about you. You may not want to ask him outright, as this makes you sound needy and maybe even a little desperate. It is easy to delude yourself that your feelings are reciprocated; you have probably seen plenty of other women doing this, interpreting the slightest gesture of kindness as undying love. But there are ways to tell when the guy you like is falling for you. He will send out clear signals; you just need to know how to interpret them.

Observe the way the guy communicates with you. One of the clearest indications that someone really likes you is that he does not play games. He will call when he says he is going to call. Take notice of how closely he stands to you when you are in a roomful of people. Cosmopolitan magazine states that a guy who is really interested in a woman has no problem standing close to her at a party. He does not need to send out the signal that he is still available.

Notice the small things. If he remembers what you like to eat, for instance, and has some of your favourite food in his apartment, this means that he is thinking about you when you are apart. Make sure that he is not too emphatic about his space and his friends, as this can indicate a reluctance to commit. He should be open about you to his family and other people who are important to him.

Listen to what he does and does not say. A guy who is really interested will refer, even if just in a casual way, to what you both might be doing in the future. He may, for instance, ask you if you had ever thought about visiting Europe, because this is one of his dreams. However, if his talk about the future does not refer to you, this is probably a signal that he does not care back.

Look at his body language. He may or may not have a demonstrative nature, but he should respond to affection from you and not pull away. However, many people are not comfortable with public displays of affection, so take more notice of what he is like in private.

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