How Do I Unsuspend My Xbox Live Account?

Updated July 18, 2017

Microsoft suspends an Xbox Live account if you fail to renew your Xbox Live gold membership or violate the service's terms of use or code of conduct. Temporary suspensions for conduct violations are issued at the discretion of the Xbox Live enforcement team, but you are unable to dispute these violations. Your account only reinstates when the suspension period ends. For billing suspensions, you unsuspend your account by changing your account payment information through your computer or your console.

Launch your Web browser and go to Sign in with the Windows Live ID linked to your Xbox Live account.

Click on "Go to Personal Information" under "Billing Account Overview."

Click on "View/Edit" next to your payment type in the "Your Payment Methods" section at the bottom of the page.

Click on "Use a Different Payment Method" to add a new payment method for your Xbox Live account.

Click on "Edit Payment Method Information" to update the information of your current payment method.

Click on "Billing" on the upper-left corner to return to your account page.

Select your Xbox Live gold account from the list of services to make a payment and unsuspend your account.

Turn on your Xbox and log in using your suspended gamertag.

Scroll up to the "My Xbox" tab and choose your avatar.

Select "Account Management," then choose "Manage Account."

Select "Your Memberships," then choose "Xbox Live Gold." Choose "Change Payment Options."

Select the name of your current payment option to update its information or choose "Add Credit Card" to use a new payment method for your account.

Go back to the "Xbox Live Gold" page. Select "Modify Memberships" to make a payment for your Xbox Live gold account.


Xbox Live may send you an e-mail explaining the reason for your account suspension. If you've purchased a prepaid Xbox Live gold membership card, select "Redeem Code" on the Xbox Live gold page under "Your Memberships" and enter the code from the card to renew your subscription.

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