How to Transfer Data From One PS3 to a Flash Drive

Updated March 23, 2017

You can use the PlayStation 3 (PS3) entertainment console to play video games, browse the Internet, watch Blu-ray movies, upload pictures, listen to music and more. The console has two USB ports that accommodate flash drives and other external storage drives. To transfer music, videos or saved game data from your PS3, simply connect a flash drive to a USB port and copy the data files.

Insert a USB flash drive into one of the PS3's two USB ports.

Power on your PS3 console. If your flash drive has a flashing activity light, it should be flashing, which means it is receiving power from the PS3.

Scroll through the "Photo," "Music," "Video," or "Game" icons and select the type of data you want to transfer to the flash drive.

Find the data you want to transfer and press the "Triangle" button on your PS3 controller. Select the "Copy" option and choose "USB Device" as your save destination.

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