How to Play a VIDEO_TS File From a Flash Drive on PS3

Updated February 21, 2017

A "Video_TS" file is a specific type of video file that has been formatted to be played on a DVD player. It has been encoded using the video formatting language that DVD players understand and play. If you want to play a "Video_TS" file on a PlayStation 3, you're in luck. The PlayStation 3 is capable of playing the DVD format, including these files. This can be done regardless of where the files reside, be it on a DVD or a regular USB flash drive.

Insert the flash drive that contains your "Video_TS" file into the USB input on the front of your PS3.

Turn on your PS3 using either the controller, thePS3 remote control or its power button.

Select "Video" from the PS3 menu. When your PlayStation 3 recognises the flash drive, a new icon will appear in the window representing that drive. The icon will read "Memory Stick." Wait for this icon to appear, then select it.

Select the icon for the "Video_TS" file to play it on your computer.

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