How to Find Somebody's Mobile Number

A mobile phone number is rarely listed in the phone book unless the person you are looking for owns a business and requested it be placed in the book. In order to find a mobile phone number, you will have to look elsewhere. A mobile phone number can usually be obtained simply by asking or locating another person who knows the individual. However, in extreme cases, a private investigator can be hired to find someone's mobile phone number for you.

Type the name of the person into an Internet search engine. Sometimes, but not often, you can scroll through the results and find the person and his contact information.

Ask other people you think may know the person. They may give you the number or let you know someone who might have it.

Go to a mobile phone number directory or reverse lookup website. These sites may charge a fee to provide a mobile phone number, but if it is very important that you have the number, this may be worth it to you.

Call other phone numbers you have for the person. Sometimes a person will forward his landline or work line to his mobile phone and you can contact him that way. Other times, the person may leave a message on those lines letting callers know what his mobile number is.

Use social media websites to locate the person and find his number. People often post their mobile number in their profile or send it as a publicly available message to their friends.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Telephone
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