How to find where people live for free

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People lose touch with each other as time passes. Old friends move away, or leave their hometowns in search of work or for school. After a few years, you may want to reconnect with some old acquaintances but may not know how to find them or where to look for information. Fortunately, it can be easy to locate someone if you know how to look. It also doesn't cost anything to find out where someone lives.

Use the search engine available on the Phone Book (see Resources) to find all information available about the person you are looking for, including their address and contact information if it is available. Unlike searching in a phone book under the white pages, the Phone Book is not restricted in its search by region. Type in the person's last name, first name, and location (if you know which country they are living in).

Search on 123 People for any information about the person you are searching for, including location. 123 People is a free search engine used to locate people. They will also have photo results, helping you to narrow down the search by browsing the photos of different people with the same name as the person you are searching for.

Search on Facebook for the account of the person you want to locate. If you can find their account, check their status and information for their address and contact information. You may have to get them to add you as a friend before you can see their private information.

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