How to Send a Free SMS Picture Message

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There are several ways you can send SMS picture messages to a mobile phone for free. These messages can be sent at no cost by the sender, but there may be a fee for the recipient, depending on their mobile service provider and their data plan. Several online services facilitate SMS picture messaging.

Select the recipient's mobile carrier.

Enter the recipient's mobile number.

Click "Browse" to select and upload your picture.

Click "Send your picture message" to deliver your picture.

Enter the recipient's mobile number and click the drop-down list to select their mobile carrier.

Enter a text message if desired. Messages have a 140-character limit, including spacing and punctuation.

Select the number of times you would like the message sent to the recipient using the drop-down menu. Click "Browse" to select the picture you would like to send.

Enter the verification code and click "Send Message(s)" in the "You're almost done" section.

Click "Browse" in the "Free MMS" section to select the picture you would like to send.

Click the recipient's country in the "Destination country" section.

Enter the recipient's wireless number in the "To" field.

Select the recipient's mobile provider from the drop-down list.

Enter your mobile number in the "Your name" section.

Enter a text message if desired.

Click "Send" to deliver your message.