How to Do a Bouffant Ponytail

Pump up the volume on the crown of your head by creating a bouffant ponytail. Bouffants, which were insanely popular in the 1960s, have been recreated for a new look that includes the standard ponytail. Pair your bouffant ponytail with a dainty dress and soft make-up for a romantic look, or create a rocker chic look with heavy eye make-up. The bouffant may take a few times to master, but once the look is complete, prepare for head turning.

Determine if your fringe are long enough to be pulled into the bouffant. To do this pull your fringe upward along with a section of your crown hair. If the length is the same, you can use the fringe, if not, brush the fringe forward and secure to the side until later.

Pull the hair located at the crown of your head upward. This is the section that will be used to create the bouffant.

Use a teasing comb to back-tease your hair at the root. Do not tease the front of the section of hair, only the back because the hair will be pulled back into a ponytail and it must poof up. Spray the teased roots with heavy hold hairspray to maintain the tease.

Scoop your hair from nape of the neck upward with both hands to secure the ponytail. Avoid pulling your hair from the top and side to prevent flattening the poof.

Adjust the bouffant to your preferred height using the end of an alligator comb. Spray the bouffant lightly with hairspray to secure.

Use the comb to gently clean up areas that may contain stray hairs, or pin hair back using hair clips to secure. Pull the fringe into a deep side part and secure on the side of your head.


Use caution when working with hairspray to avoid spraying in your eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Teasing comb
  • Heavy hold hairspray
  • Ponytail holder
  • Alligator comb
  • Hair clips
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