How to Read Your Crush's Body Language

Updated April 17, 2017

The beginning stages of romance are all about reading subtle signs and decoding flirtation. Reading your crush's body language is a discreet way of figuring out whether or not your feelings are mutual. Your crush's body language may reveal his confident admiration, or it may reveal his nerves -- both of which are signs he is smote. Flirtatious body language is similar for both males and females and the same decoding techniques can be used for both.

Check to see if your crush blushes when she talks to you. Blushing shows that she is nervous to talk to you and is a sign that she might like you. However, observe her to make sure she doesn't blush when she talks to everyone. Her blushing could simply be a result of overall shyness.

Take notice of every time you catch your crush looking at you. If he darts his eyes away immediately, it may be because he likes you and is embarrassed to be caught staring. Alternatively, if he locks eyes with you and holds eye contact for an extended amount of time, there is also a good chance that he likes you. According to MSN, if his stare is "lingering" and "heavy-lidded," it's likely because he is enamoured by you.

Analyse any physical contact between you and your crush. If she playfully punches you in the shoulder, frequently asks for hugs, pats you on the head, grabs you by the hand to drag you in a certain direction or makes any other effort to physically touch you, then there is a good chance that she is into you.

Watch your crush's hand movements as he talks with you. If he fidgets with his hands at his sides, continually brings his hand to his face, crosses and uncrosses his arms, tugs on his ear lobe or plays with his hair, it may be a sign that he likes you. Fidgeting shows that he is nervous to talk to you and hand-to-face contact further emphasises his bashfulness.

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