How to Take Out Velcro Rollers

Updated April 17, 2017

Velcro rollers, also known as self-holding rollers, can be used to create loose curls or waves, and they can also boost the volume of your hair. Because the rollers don't need additional clips to hold them in place, they are easy to use for quick hairstyles. The technique you use to remove the rollers is just as important as the technique you use to set them. Removing Velcro rollers the wrong way can result in damaged and frizzy hair.

Use a hairdryer or air dry your hair, if you set the rollers in damp hair. Touch your hair to make sure that it's completely dry. If it's not dry, your curls will not hold well and the hairstyle will not last.

Unroll the rollers in the same direction that you put them in your hair. Avoid sliding or pulling the rollers out of your hair, or moving the rollers from side to side. This causes the roller bristles to tangle and frizz the hair.

Toss your head forward and shake your hair out. Flip your hair back and use your fingers to separate the curls -- then create your desired hairstyle.

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