How to Adjust a Seiko Kinetic Watch Band

Updated February 21, 2017

Since 1881, the Japan-based Seiko watch company has manufactured watches of all types, from extravagant models to more-affordable options. The Seiko Kinetic watch, introduced in 1986, has been redesigned over the course of 20 years for high performance and durability. While some watches use a leather band, the Kinetic uses a titanium-alloy band with links that can be removed easily using a spring-bar tool.

Place the watch on your wrist and measure how many links you will need to remove.

Place the Seiko watch face down on a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches to the glass crystal while you adjust the band.

Locate the metal spring bars in the small holes between each link. Use a spring-bar tool to force the spring bars out of the holes. Remove as many spring bars as you need to obtain the correct adjustment.


Put the extra spring bars and links in a safe place in case you need to reattach the links in future.


Use caution when using metal tools near your watch, as watches can easily be scratched.

Things You'll Need

  • Spring-bar tool
  • Microfiber cloth
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