How to Repair a Junghans Solar Watch

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The German company, Junghans has offered a wide range of precise watches since 1861. Junghans was the official timekeeper of the 1972 Munich Olympics. Jungens pioneered the first radio controlled clocks and wrist watches that are constantly synchronised with a central clock. Today Junghans again tests the envelope with its solar watches. These watches absorb power from sunlight or lamps. This makes changing a battery unnecessary. To protect the delicate solar cell, Junghans requires any interior watch repairs be done by authorised personnel through an authorised retail sales outlet. But some repairs can be done at home.

Spread the soft cloth on a firm work surface. Lay the watch face down on the cloth.

Look carefully at the watch band brackets. Inside the brackets, the spring bars hold the watch band firmly in place. The spring bars are tiny spring loaded bars that fit into lugs on either side of the watch band bracket.

Slide the spring bar tool on one side of the bracket between the watch band and the bracket. The spring bar tool is a thin piece of metal often sold at craft or jewellery supply stores. If one can't be found, a small spatula or thin screw driver will also work.

Press the spring bar tool towards the centre of the bracket. This depresses the spring bar and the watch band will pop out of the bracket.

Place a spring bar in the slot of the new watch band. Some watch bands are packaged with spring bars already installed.

Place the end of the spring bar into the lug on one end of the watch band bracket. Slide the other end behind the lug on the other side of the bracket. Carefully pull the watch band forward until the spring bar slips into its lug.

Repeat Steps 3 through 6 on the other side.

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