How to Remove a Link From a Rado Band Watch

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Rado watches are best known for their high-tech ceramic coatings and materials, making for beautiful and scratch-resistant watches. Founded in 1957, Rado has been awarded numerous patents for scratch-resistant coatings and continues to be an innovator in the field. Changing a link in a Rado band can be tricky, but someone with the proper tools can easily make the needed adjustments.

Lay the watch down on a soft cloth to prevent scratching, or, if available, use a tool designed to hold a watch band.

Find the removable pins. These will usually be marked with an arrow pointing in one direction on the underside of the watch. Some Rado watches have a pin only at the point of connection with the watch clasp. If there is a question on which pin is correct, check your watch manual or contact Rado.

Using the pin removal tool (or a very small screwdriver), lightly tap the pin out in the direction of the arrow. Once the pin has been released from the other side of the band, pull the pin out and note its orientation.

Depending on the Rado watch, you may need to remove one or two links that are different sizes before you reach the links that should be removed for sizing purposes. If the first link removed was connected directly to the watch clasp, compare it with the next few links. Move down the band until you reach a link that can be removed without altering the design of the band.

Remove the needed links, then reinsert any removed pins in the reverse of how you removed them. This prevents damaging the watch.

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