How to Adjust an Accutime Watch Band

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Accutime creates fashion watches for men, women, children and teens. Some of their licensed brands include Bongo, XOXO, Disney and Vivani. If you recently purchased any of Accutime's watches, you may want to know how to adjust it properly. Fitting a watch yourself saves you time and money from going to the jeweller. If you have a chain link watch, you will need tweezers and a pushpin. For a leather or plastic watch band, you will need a hole punch. You can find any of these tools at your local craft or jewellery store.

Place the watch on your wrist. Determine if the watch is too large or too tight. If it is too tight, insert the prong into the next hole, farthest from the watch's face.

Insert the prong into the next hole, nearest the face, if the watch is too large. Adjust your watch to the correct fit, until it is on the last hole. If it still feels loose, then you will need to add an additional hole.

Place the watch on a flat surface. Place the hole punch after the last hole. Press the punch all the way through the band.

Rotate the hole punch side to side to ensure that every strand of leather or plastic is cut out. Place the watch on your wrist and push the prong through the new hole. Ensure that the watch fits.

Place the chain link watch on your wrist. With your forefinger and thumb, pinch the bracelet under your wrist. The number of links you are holding are the number of links you need to remove.

Stand the watch on its side on a flat surface. Locate the pins on the chain link watch, indicated by an arrow. Push the pin out with a tiny pushpin.

Pull the rest of the pin out with tweezers. Repeat the steps for any other links you need to remove.

Attach the clasp to the rest of your watch by slipping a pin through the joined links. Press the pin in firmly until it is all the way in.

Try on your chain link watch. Ensure that it properly fits on your wrist.

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