How to Adjust the Band on a Citizen Eco Drive

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Established in 1918, Citizen is one of the most recognisable names in watch manufacturing on the planet. Citizen Eco Drive watches are first-class devices that use top-notch materials and advanced technology. Adjusting the band on a Citizen Eco Drive is important for a proper fit. Every Citizen watch with a metal bracelet comes equipped with a CIT-SZTOOL. Keep the CIT-SZTOOL handy to complete your adjustment quickly and with care.

Drape the watch over your wrist. Adjust the watch so the time display is flush against the top of your wrist.

Insert the watchband with the loose end into the metal bracket attached on the opposite band.

Press the knuckle of your index finger into the band to hold it stead on your wrist. Pinch the loose watchband end with your index finger and thumb. Pull it through until the band fits snuggly --- but not too tight to cut off circulation. Insert the bracket tab through the prefabricated hole in the band to hold it in place.

Wrap the watch around your wrist. Pinch the band flush against your wrist --- so it fits snugly --- using your index finger and thumb. Count how many residual metal links remain hanging below your index finger and thumb. The number of remaining links indicate how many you need to remove for a proper fit.

Place the Citizen Eco Drive flat on a table top. Place the tip of the CIT-SZTOOL against end of the prefabricated metal split pin included with every link.

Press the CIT-SZTOOL tool into the split pin so the pin begins to exit out the opposite side. Pinch the split pin with your fingers and pull it all the way through to disconnect the link. Repeat this process for every link requiring removal.

Reposition the link and reinsert the split pin for every link you intend to add. Push the split pin in until it is flush with both sides of the link --- not protruding on either side. Place the tip of a pair of tweezers onto the head of the split pin and push until both heads are flush with each side, if necessary.

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