How to Adjust the Band of a Replica Rolex Submariner

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Rolex brand watches are well known and respected across the world, and have spawned many copies. Replica watches range in quality, and it is difficult to explain how to adjust all types of bands that they may utilise - but the two major types will be either pin or screw based. Each of these require a few tools and careful instruction, but are very much user serviceable.

Examine the links closest to the buckle of the watch. If the links closest to the buckle contain screws, skip to the screw based band section. If they are simple holes with a tiny pin inside of them, continue to step 2.

Place the watch face down on the soft cloth, to prevent scratching the watch.

Locate the small arrows engraved on the inside of the watch band. This shows the proper direction to push the pins out of the band. Place the driving tool into the hole opposite of the arrow, and push out the pin in the pointed direction.

Repeat step 3 for any other links that need to be removed. If more than two must be removed, take links from both sides of the band to keep the band even.

Attach the remaining links to the buckle by reversing the earlier process. Push the link back into the band in the direction opposite of how it was removed (against the arrow). This will keep the pin intact.

Place the watch face down on the soft cloth, to prevent scratching the watch.

Locate the links near the buckle that contain the linking screws. These are found on the sides of the links.

Unscrew these links with the small screwdriver. Some watches require a single screw to be removed, others require two. Pull the screw and any other tube attached out of the link.

Repeat step 3 to remove all needed links, alternating between sides of the band if needed.

Rejoin the band by uniting the remaining links in the band with the buckle, and replacing the required screws.

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