How to Adjust a Citizen Watch Band

watch image by Sandra Henderson from

Adjusting a Citizen watch band entails removing links to make the band smaller or adding links to make the band larger. Adding or removing links is a simple process that can be accomplished using a hobby tool set.

Stand the bracelet up on its side. Look for arrows on the inside of the bracelet.

Insert a small pointed tool from your hobby or watch set into the tiny holes on the edge of the bracelet. Insert the tool in the hole at the base of the arrow. You will see two holes on the edge of the band. Both pins need to be removed.

Push the pin out with force in the direction the arrow is pointing. Repeat this process on the second pin. When the pins are removed the link will be loose.

Remove the link from its neighbour and replace one pin to secure the bracelet.

Remove the link closest to the clasp by putting a small, pointed tool into the tiny hole on the edge of the watch band.

Push the pin out so the link is detached from the clasp.

Put a new link next to the detached link and line them up so a new pin can go through their holes and attach them together. You may need to snap them together depending on the type of Citizen bracelet you have.

Place the pin into the hole on the edge of the band and push the pin through the band with your sharp tool to attach the two links.

Repeat this process if you need to attach more than one link.

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