How to Remove a Link From a Speidel Watch Band

Speidel, Corp

Speidel watch bands are one of the few fashion accessories that have remained affordable and good-looking through every trend. They add an elegant appearance to your favourite watch face and can be sized to fit you perfectly. The process to remove a link from a Speidel Watch Band is relatively quick and easy and requires no special tools.

Lay the band flat on your work surface with the inside of the band facing up. If the watch face is attached to the band, use the tip of your pocket knife to compress the spring pins in the link of the band that is joining the watch face. The band will detach from the face and you can lay it flat.

Look closely at the links in the bend. Whether you have a wide-capped link with clips or the kind without, you will see a small line between the top of the link and the clip cover. Select a link and using the tip of your penknife again, place the tip into the line, the narrow space between the two halves and pry gently upward until the clip or link cover releases.

Pull the link you just opened free from the rest of the band by pulling the link above it, out of the link you opened.

Repeat the same process of opening on the link above the one you just separated, but do not separate this link from the band. Leave the link open.

Open the link below the one you separated from the rest of the band. Pull the separated band free from the other end of the watch band. Join the upper and lower open links, and install their covers by pressing them back into place. Store the link you removed in a safe place, should you need to expand your Speidel watch band.

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