How to Remove Links from a Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Watch image by Corneliu C from

Ideally, a watch should fit snugly against your wrist without causing tightness or discomfort. If you have recently lost weight or mistakenly purchased or were given a Citizen Eco Drive watch that's too big for your wrist, removing links from your watch allows for a better fit. By removing a few pins that hold watch links together, you can shorten the length of the watchband to improve the fit.

Purchase a Citizen Watch Band Sizing Tool (CIT-SZTOOL) from a Citizen Watch dealer or online. Place your Eco Drive watch into the CIT-SZTOOL. Line up one of the pinholes with the CIT-SZTOOL sizing pin.

Push the pin out of the link slowly using the sizing pin. Use your fingers or a small pair of tweezers to completely remove the pin from the link.

Carefully pull apart the link to determine if it contains a locking tube or split pin. Use a pin pusher or a small pair of tweezers to remove the locking tube.

Continue to remove pins and/or locking tubes until you have removed the desired number of links. Remove the watch from the CIT-SZTOOL and strap it onto your wrist to determine if you need to remove more links.

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