How to Repair the Clasp on a Pandora Bracelet

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Pandora bracelets are very popular, but sometimes the clasp will break. Never fear. You can fix the broken clasp of your Pandora bracelet yourself using only a pair of ordinary bent-nose pliers and a replacement part.

Purchase a new clasp for your Pandora bracelet.

Remove the broken clasp on your Pandora bracelet. To remove the broken clasp, open the clasp and look for a small ring at the bottom of the clasp that secures the clasp to the snake chain of your bracelet. Open the ring using bent-nose pliers. Once the ring is open, the clasp will pull away from the chain.

Open the new Pandora clasp you purchased and look for the same small ring you saw at the bottom of the broken clasp. Open the ring on the new clasp with your bent-nose pliers. Be careful not to damage the ring as you open it.

Place the end of the snake chain into the open ring. Press firmly until the snake chain snaps into place. Check to be sure the snake chain sits properly in the clasp. Close the ring with your pliers to lock the snake chain into place.

Check to be sure there is no gap between the chain and the ring. Leaving a gap may allow the snake chain to slip out of the clasp and you may lose the bracelet.

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