How to send free birthday greetings to Facebook

Facebook is a social and business networking site that allows you to keep in touch with friends and business contacts as well as reconnect with old friends and classmates. Most people include their birthday in their Facebook profile and friends receive alerts when the birthday is coming up. Besides writing "Happy birthday!" on the person's Facebook wall there are numerous cards, greetings and graphics you can send to someone's Facebook inbox or display on their wall. Facebook itself even has application pages for birthday cards and greetings.

Log onto your Facebook account and find the birthday wishes application page of your choice, such as Cool Greeting Cards.

Click the "Add Application" button. When the application page comes up, click on "Add Cool Greeting Cards" and choose from the available greeting cards. Browse by category if desired or click on the cards to see how it looks and what it says.

Add the name of the birthday celebrant to the card along with any messages and sound effects upon selecting a card--drop down boxes are available for selecting sound effects. The person the card is for must be your Facebook friend in order for the card to send.

Click on the "Send Your Card" button to complete the process.


Virtual party and automatic birthday wish applications are also available on Facebook. Browse assorted birthday/special occasion blogs for birthday graphics and messages to post on Facebook and other social networking sites. Sites like American Greetings and E Greetings allow you to log into your Facebook page from their site and send cards, as well as see friends' upcoming birthdays.

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