How to block a number on my Nokia E63

Image philcampbell; Flickr.

The Nokia E63 mobile phone does not have a built-in feature to block numbers. Therefore, you will need to download one of several applications that can perform this task -- these applications must be compatible with the Symbian S60 edition platform on which the Nokia E63 is based.

Blocking applications

Download the application for Advanced Call Manager, Call Filter or Xblockr apps by going to their websites online. Plug your Nokia E63 into your computer using the USB cord that came with the mobile phone.

Launch the Nokia suite on your PC and choose the "Install Applications" option.

Browse the directory where your downloaded application is saved -- it is a SIS file. Double-click this file to install the app on your phone.

Call Filter application

Launch the app by going to the menu and opening applications or downloads.

Select "New," and then choose "Enter Number."

Enter the number you want to block into the space provided.

Advanced Call Manager app

Launch the downloaded App.

Select "Default," "Options" and "Send Busy Tone." Return to the main menu by pressing the "Back" option.

Select "Manage Lists," then click "List" and title the new list "Blocked Numbers." When that is done click "OK."

Click "Phone book" and choose the number you wish to block. If it is not in your phone book you can click "New" under your block list and add the number manually.

Choose "Active mode" from the main screen, then "Options" and then the "Reject from Blocked Numbers" list and "Black List" to block all numbers under these lists.

Xblockr app

Install and Launch Xblockr. Select "Yes" to enable features.

Choose "Number List," then "Ducked Numbers" and then choose "Add."

Enter the number you want to block.

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